SMB for outsourced HR management businesses

Many small to medium sized businesses of up to 200 employees choose to outsource HR to consultants, or larger consultancies. Others may choose to put HR matters in the hands of their accountants, or professional services firms that tie up HR with business consulting, accounting and legal services.

If you run such a business then you probably have experience of many of the inefficiencies that result from manual HR processes. If you outsource this as a service for multiple clients then it may be a substantial problem.

SMB delivers the same benefits to providers of outsourced HR as it does to direct end-user businesses.

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Confidentiality and privacy essential for HR service providers

SMB safeguards customer and employee data with robust permissions and controls that these providers of outsourced HR services need:

  • Independent HR consultants
  • HR consultancies
  • Accountancy firms running payroll and HR
  • Professional Services firm

Importantly, we let you manage different clients in completely separate accounts so there is no risk of confidentiality or privacy issues arising.

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