Going paperless in HR: What are you waiting for? The research is compelling


77% of HR departments successfully going paperless

A survey conducted by Archive Systems, Inc., a document management consulting company, suggests 77% of HR departments are successfully going paperless. This is just one of a number of figures in the research that suggest the benefits of eliminating paper from HR processes has compelling business benefits.

Essentially, a smart online HR management system automates and simplifies routine administration and processes, freeing HR directors, managers and admins to achieve more in strategic and tactical HR matters. Whether it is extracting management analysis or creating more time to consider employee recruitment, welfare or training issues, ditching paper is one of the best moves HR departments can make.

Support for HR going paperless

Some other important figures in the research that support going paperless or inform the decision to go paperless include:

  • 23% of respondents said their departments are still solely based on paper
  • 50% who those that have a digital workflow spend an average of 35% of their time on administrative paperwork (compared to industry-wide averages of 60% reported in other surveys)
  • 70% are confident that they have all of the necessary documents for audits and compliance (compared to 50% of departments that still use paper for all or some of their work)

Better paperless HR with SMB

The message from this research is clear. Paperless HR is the way ahead. SMB’s online HR software enables businesses to exploit software automation and efficiency to let you deliver better HR.

In the quest for competitive advantage, ensuring we maximise the potential of our staff is a critical factor in success. SMB gives you back the time to take care of the CPD and training needs of your employees. Take our free 14 day trial or simply get in touch to find out more.

Image thanks to Pixabay