Are you ready to give employees unlimited holiday?


Innovative HR practice or sick note heaven?

What! An unlimited holiday entitlement policy? That sounds like sick note heaven! The idea of giving employees unlimited holiday leave entitlement is certainly innovative HR practice. The scheme is used by some businesses, most notably Netflix. After reading about it in The Telegraph, Richard Branson’s daughter, Holly, took the idea to her father who went on to adopt it among his personal staff of 170.

An unlimited holiday entitlement policy

The key points to note in an unlimited holiday entitlement policy include:

  • All salaried staff take time off whenever they want and for as long as they want
  • There is no need to ask for prior approval
  • Employees and managers do not need to keep track of days away from the office
  • Each employee decides if and when to take a few hours, a day, a week or month off

So what’s the rationale?

The assumption is employees are only going to take time off when they feel 100 per cent comfortable they are up to date on every project and that their absence will not in any way impact the current workflow, deadlines and targets of their team or have any detrimental effect on the business as whole.

Is an unlimited holiday entitlement right for your business?

Unlimited holiday entitlement policy at Netflix grew out of the culture of flexible working which many businesses have adopted. Businesses which have some degree of decentralisation, where employees operate remotely at times convenient to them have been widely adopted.

In its ‘Reference Guide on our Freedom and Responsibility Culture’, Netflix sets out the case: ‘We should focus on what people get done, not on how many hours or days worked. Just as we don’t have a nine-to-five policy, we don’t need a vacation policy.’

The choice of introducing an unlimited holiday entitlement policy would certainly be a radical step for many businesses and it most certainly won’t suit all. Some that have introduced it though report big boosts to morale, creativity and productivity.

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